MAAPcloud is a product of TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, managed in partnership with Road Safety Analysis. Together the two organisations are combining their knowledge and experience to deliver the UK’s leading, online collision analysis system.

Originally established in 1933 as part of the UK government, TRL privatised in 1996 to become a fully independent private company. TRL is wholly owned by the Transport Research Foundation (TRF), a non-profit-distributing foundation with no shareholders, enabling profits made by TRL to be passed to TRF and re-invested in scientific research. TRF is comprised of over 80 sector members from the transport industry, ensuring TRL continues to undertake the high-quality research it’s renowned for.

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Road Safety Analysis has become a market leader in supplying innovative, creative and competitive services to the road safety sector since its foundation in 2010. Built on the principles of social enterprise, Road Safety Analysis is focussed on developing and delivering a range of road safety services that are evidence based and highly cost effective. With extensive experience in the road safety field and yet a wide range of specialties in areas such as analysis, insight reporting, social marketing, communications strategy, evaluation & partnership development, Road Safety Analysis are keen to support the profession with services that make a difference.

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