Case Study



MAAPcloud is the new generation version of MAAP, the world’s most widely used off-the-shelf road traffic collision data software which TRL has supplied in the UK and globally since the 1980s. This brand new version provides a better fit with today’s technological environments, and offers additional capabilities for the road safety professionals who use it. Cardiff Council started using MAAPcloud in April 2013. We asked Steve Irish from Cardiff’s Transport Projects how the system was working for them.

Why choose MAAPcloud?

Cardiff Council had used TRL’s MAAP software for a number of years so it was a natural progression to move on to MAAPcloud. As it’s a cloud-based system, we know that all data is stored on secure remote servers with regular back-ups, so we don’t need to worry about security or updates – it’s all done for us.

What have you found to be the key benefits of the system?

It’s so quick to access and so simple to use, allowing a variety of both experienced and not so experienced users to log on to specific areas. We control who can log-in and what they can access. You can toggle between sections and very quickly obtain accurate and reliable data on where collisions are taking place throughout the city.

Which functions do you find the most useful?

The ‘Cluster Analysis’ function is so easy to use and allows us to pinpoint specific issues arising. We can see the number of collisions, where they are, how they happened and from that look at the

contributory factors. We can be proactive as opposed to reactive as the system allows us to monitor an accident site before and after safety measures have been introduced and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of those measures. All this information provides us with the evidence we need when requesting funding for the introduction of new safety measures.

The export function is also invaluable as we can export information in a number of formats and into a number of programmes allowing us to build up a picture of how a particular collision occurred.

How does sharing the crash data work?

Nominated Administrators control individual users and audit those users. We have log-in history and audit trails. We can see who has done what in terms of queries and validation and we can control what access each user has. We can run queries and export data on specific road users such as pedestrians or cyclists if there are specific concerns, and this information can be shared with other teams within the Council.

In summary…

MAAPcloud is a secure and flexible system that we find easy to access and simple to use. Its flexibility means we can have a number of users so data can be shared. Being able to identify collision contributory factors, evaluate safety schemes pre and post implementation and therefore work out the cost-benefit of each scheme, more than justifies the cost of the MAAPcloud system.