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MAAPcloud is the new generation MAAP – a software product TRL has been supplying both in the UK and worldwide since the 1980’s and the most widely used off-the-shelf crash data system across the world.
MAAP has undergone a complete review and the result is a brand new version which provides a better fit with today’s technological environments, offering additional capabilities required by the professionals who use it.


By using a cloud-based system operating a unique database for a geographical area, multiple authorities and organisations can share a single system. Not only does this reduce costs dramatically it means everyone is accessing the same data in real-time and opens avenues for data sharing where this is a regional priority.
With fewer restrictions on the number of user accounts you can create, many more colleagues can access management reports on a regular basis and it opens up  the powerful mapping tools to a wider internal audience.


MAAPcloud is licenced on a per-organisation basis with smaller authorities paying lower fees based on average annual collisions. Substantial discounts are also available for authorities who collaborate and share a system.
There are no third-part licencing costs for desktop GIS software and no server-based software or databases need to paid for and installed

Powerful and Flexible

As the analysis is carried out on a high-capacity remote server there are no limitations on your ability to carry out complex cross-tabulations due to inferior client machines.
Multiple interchangeable mapping layers with options for satellite imagery allow a more real-world view of local roads.



MAAPcloud has built-in functionality to interface with the UK CRASH system data subject to the agreement of the data owner.


Highly Secure

Your data is hosted on secure servers in an ISO 27001 compliant data center with guaranteed up-time and regular backups.  Full user permission control extends to data entry, validation, editing and restrictions on viewing personal data.

Fast and Reliable

We use cutting edge server and cloud technologies to deliver a reliable and secure data environment with guaranteed up time.
All software updates are tested and implemented by our expert team which means you don’t need to carry out complicated updates on every single client terminal.


Working with MAAPcloud means you don’t have to be at your local terminal to analyse collisions or view the latest casualty trends. Users can access management information and powerful analytical tools from any web browser*.

*Requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin 

It’s easy to add new users enabling more people in your organisation to see your information without the need to install software. Simply create a new user, set their permission levels and they can be using the system in minutes

Cost Saving

Once your analysis systems are untied from the local IT infrastructure it frees up resources and eliminates maintenance costs. Cloud technologies are more energy efficient saving money and reducing CO2 emissions.